LuAnn Adams



LuAnn Adams started her obsession with the written word at a very young age, pulling heavy Books of Knowledge off shelves and continuously pestering her mom to read. She was editor of her high school and college newspaper and then started writing for the college's PR/Communications Dept. She received her B.S. in Communications from the University of Northwestern St. Paul. After editing for businesses for several years, LuAnn decided to start freelance editing. She feels blessed to work hand in hand with Julie Miller and her team to help bring inspiration to all who seek to know our dear Savior more intimately. When not editing or writing, you will find LuAnn being taken on walks by her 100+ lb. Newfie mix, Mia, and side-kick, Daisy. She also enjoys connecting with family and friends, traveling, antiques and reading. LuAnn and her husband, Brent, reside in Hugo, MN, and are parents to two children, McKayla and Austin.